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Consumer Tech: Netflix video and audio out of sync using Firestick


While watching Mad Men last night on IMDB we saw a terribly annoying audio delay – probably about three seconds after the video. Then it cuts to the commercials and they were perfectly in sync. Then back to the show – still a 2 – 3 -second delay. Is it the brand of TV? We use a Firestick plus a Samsung LCD TV.

The solution

Well, my first inclination was to look for audio settings on either the TV or the Amazon Firestick which might be set to delay audio. I had such a setting on an old sound system, though I think it was only for a sub-second delay. But, there are no such settings on either Firestick or Samsung TV, so that’s not it.

An Internet search proved not too useful.

What I eventually realized – the in-sync commercials was a hint – is that I could rewind the show a tiny bit, and that might pop it back into sync. And…it did!

How it happens

I think it happens when I pause a show one night, to return to it a later time. It remembers where I was, which is great. But it sometimes gets out of sync this way. I have seen this with Netflix and IMDB. The common element seems to be the Firestick.

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