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Postfix Operational tips

Intro I’m trying out the system-supplied postfix on a SLES system. i had been using sendmail but there doesn’t seem to be any development on that software. Some commands I needed right away Well, right away I had thousands of … Continue reading

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Live stream to YouTube from a Raspberry Pi + webcam or USB microphone

Intro I’ve been looking at this off and on for awhile now. I finally made a breakthrough this week and started to generate some decent live streams on my Youtube channel, after a lot of misfires. Note this is applicable … Continue reading

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How to add private root CAs in SLES or Redhat

Intro From time-to-time I run my own PKI infrastructure, namely issuing my own certificates form my private root CA. I wanted this root CA to be recognized by Linux utilities running on Suse Linux (SLES), in particular, lftp, which I … Continue reading

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Fishcam using Raspberry Pi and some network tricks

Intro There are more articles about running a webcam using Raspberry Pi than Carter has pills. Why bother to create another? This one is unique insofar as I created a fishcam at a school with a restricted network. None of … Continue reading

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The IT Detective agency: Live hack caught, partially stopped

Intro In my years at cybersecurity I’ve been sufficiently removed from the action that I’ve rarely been involved in an actual case. Until last night. A friend, whom I’ll call Jute, got a formal complaint about one of his hosted … Continue reading

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Evaluation of WPI’s multiple camera coprocessor using Raspberry Pi

Intro There’s some good and some not-so-good about the new WPI-provided way to handle multiple video streams using a Raspebrry Pi. ELP Cameras problems I have bought many of these ELP cameras last year and this. I may be a … Continue reading

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Google Hangouts Meet – what do these IPs all have in common? They all have been used by Google’s Hangouts Meet based on my observation. If you have an environment which uses proxy authentication, the above IPs do not play well with that. So you’ll need to … Continue reading

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Consumer Tech: amazing little Bluetooth adapter for your car

Intro My old car I decided finally needed a touch of Bluetooth connectivity. But how to do it without spending a fortune? The details I found this amazingly inexpensive gadget on Amazon that describes itself as follows: Handsfree Call Car … Continue reading

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Great serial port concentrator: Raritan Dominion

Intro Every now and then you find a product that is a leap ahead of where you were. Such is the case for us with regards to our product of choice for serial consoles. The old For Bluecoat (Symantec) proxy … Continue reading

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Counting active leases on an old ISC DHCP server

Intro Checkpoint Gaia offers a DHCP service, but it ias based on a crude and old dhcp daemon implementation frmo ISC. Doesn’t give you much. Mostly just the file /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases, which it constantly updates. A typical dhcp client entry looks … Continue reading

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