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The IT Detective Agency: Cisco Jabber Carriage Return problem fixed

Intro Cisco Jabber is a pretty good IM application. I’ve seen how it is a true productivity enhancer. But not so much when it doesn’t work right. The symptoms I hadn’t rebooted for awhile. I had a bunch of open … Continue reading

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Latest spear phishing: your password plus extortion

Intro Three users that I know at a certain company have all received spear phishing emails worded very much like this one: The details I don’t really have many more details. One user described it to me as follows. He … Continue reading

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Voice and data vlans on one switch port, no vlan tagging: how does that work?

Intro We had a Cisco video conference unit pick up an IP from a data vlan whereas we expected it to pick it up from a voice vlan, where we had assigned it a static IP. What happened? The details … Continue reading

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Solution to this week’s NPR puzzle using simple Linux commands, again

Intro As I understood it, this week’s NPR puzzle is as follows. Think of a figure from the Bible with five letters. Move each letter three back, e.g., an “e” becomes a “b.” Find the Biblical figure which becomes an … Continue reading

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The IT detective agency: rogue IPv6 device messes up DHCP for entire subnet

Intro This was a fascinating case insofar as it was my first encounter with a real life IPv6 application. So it was trial by fire. The details I think the title of the post makes clear what happened. The site … Continue reading

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Where is my IP without the aggressive ads

Intro To locate where any IP address is located – known as geoip – you can do a simple duckduckgo search and get an idea, but you may also get sucked into one of those sites that provides a service … Continue reading

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What credit card fraud looks like

Intro A lost credit card. Or was it misplaced? Months later a whole bunch of “modest” charges appear all at once, a couple days after a few lower-value test charges were made. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind … Continue reading

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NJ homeowners: how to sell your SRECs from your solar panels

Intro I was an enthusiast and got solar panels on my roof while there was still a tax credit for doing so. But then i became lazy and didn’t want to bother selling the SRECs I was awarded. Here is … Continue reading

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Linux tip: how to enable remote syslog on SLES

Intro I write this knowing I still don’t know anything to speak of about syslog, but, sometimes you gotta act without knowing. I needed to send syslog to somewhere in a big hurry so I figured out the absolute minimum … Continue reading

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Suppress /apple-touch-icon URLs on an F5 ASM

Intro Displaying the ASM event log is slow – it can take minutes on our older equipment. So anything that helps cut out the clutter in the returned log entries may save precious minutes of, e.g., paging to the next … Continue reading

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