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RSA Web Agent Installation: what might go wrong

Intro As usual I ran into a few problems installing the RSA Web agent for a client. With this documentation I hope to jog my memory for my next installation or help someone else out who is experiencing the same … Continue reading

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Recording Host Header in the apache access log

Intro Guess I’ve made it pretty clear in previous posts that Apache documentation is horrible in my opinion. So the only practical way to learn something is to configure by example. In this post I show how to record the … Continue reading

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Creating a maintenance page with Apache web server

Intro Sometimes you want to run a web server that spits back the same page – a maintenance screen – no matter what URI it was accessed by. This is a simple few lines change to accomplish that. The details … Continue reading

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Getting started on my Raspberry Pi

Intro The Raspberry Pi computer is an awesome idea. Its performance is surprisingly good as well, as I will show below. Available packages? Not so impressive. I share some old X-windows tricks which will allow you to bring up the … Continue reading

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A Simple Javascript Folder Browser

Part 1 Intro I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been tied up creating this folder browser using client-side JavaScript. I probably made every mistake in the book, but I worked through them all and the outcome is pretty cool, if … Continue reading

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Major Headaches Migrating Apache from Ubuntu to CentOS

Intro I’m changing servers from Ubuntu server to CentOS. On Ubuntu I just checked off LAMP and got my environment. In CentOS I’m doing it piece-by-piece. I don’t think my Ubuntu install is quite regular, either, as I bastardized it … Continue reading

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The IT Detective agency: Excessive Requests for PAC file Crippling Web Server

Intro Funny thing about infrastructure. You may have something running fine for years, and then suddenly it doesn’t. That is one of the many mysteries in the case of the excessive requests for PAC file. The Details We serve our … Continue reading

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Running CGI Scripts from any Directory with Apache

Intro This is a really basic issue, but the documentation out there often doesn’t speak directly to this single issue – other things get thrown into the mix. This document is to show how to enable the running of CGI … Continue reading

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Turning Apache into a Redirect Factory

Intro I’m getting a little more used to Apache. It’s a strange web server with all sorts of bolt-on pieces. The official documentation is horrible so you really need sites like this to explain how to actually do useful things. … Continue reading

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Apache Tips in Light of Security Problems

Intro I am far from an expert in Apache. But I have a good knowledge of general best practices which I apply when running Apache web server. None of my tips are particularly insightful – they all can be found … Continue reading

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