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Raspberry Pi automates cable modem power cycling task

Intro I lose my Internet far too often – sometimes once a day. Of course I have lots of network gear in a rat’s nest of cables. I narrowed the problem down to the cable modem, which simply needs to … Continue reading

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Getting your micro SD card ready to load Raspbian: easier than you thought

Intro Configuring your own micro SD card in order to install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi is not so hard. Some of the instructions out there are a bit dated and make it out to be harder than it really … Continue reading

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Automating guest wireless access for monitoring purposes with Raspberry Pi

Intro I decided to monitor guest wireless access to the Internet using a Raspberry Pi. By that I mean a basic, binary, is it working now or not response. The back end is a Cisco wireless LAN Controller (WLC). Like … Continue reading

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WAN load-balancing routers

Intro I got an offer for $20/month broadband access from Centurylink. It got me to thinking, could I somehow use that as a backup connection to my current cable ISP? How would that work? Could I use a Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Use Raspberry Pi to explore mDNS

Intro I am confounded by the Bonjour field on my d-Link DCS-931L IP webcam. I should be able to use it to see my desired hostname, but it doesn’t take. Why? The details Having a Raspberry Pi on the same … Continue reading

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Roll your own dynamic DNS update service

Intro I know my old Cisco router only has built-in support for two dynamic DNS services, and Nowadays you have to pay for those, if even they work (the web site domain names seem to have changed, but … Continue reading

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Roll your own domain drop catching service using GoDaddy

Intro I’m after a particular domain and have been for years. But as a matter of pride I don’t want to overpay for it, so I don’t want to go through an auction. There are services that can help grab … Continue reading

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Solution to this week’s NPR puzzle using simple Linux commands

Intro Every now and then the weekend puzzle is particularly amenable to partial solution by use of simple Linux commands. I suspected such was the case for this week’s, and I was right. The challenge for this week Take a … Continue reading

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The IT detective agency: Raspberry Pi kept dying

Intro My Raspberry Pi Model B worked fine in one room in my house. I was very excited to trade it in for a newer and faster Raspberry Pi model 2. I just re-used the existing power adapter because it … Continue reading

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What I’m working on now: Raspberry Pi Touch Display

Intro I’ve been waiting for a decent, inexpensive display for the Raspberry Pi and now they make one. I’m one of the lucky ones – I got one before it was put on backorder! Anyway it’s just $60 plus … Continue reading

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