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The latest on handling of SHA-1 certificates by the major browsers

Intro A certain organization is still using SHA-1 certificates internally, in spite of years of warnings, as I write this in February, 2017. But in the security world lack of action = eventual weakness. Ignorance is not bliss and putting … Continue reading

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Superimpose grid on video ouput from an IP camera

Intro We were asked to superimpose a grid on the video output of an IP camera for this year’s FIRST FRC competition, FIRST STRONGHOLD, a sort of medieval-themed contest with a castle and medieval-inspired obstacles. The present thinking is that … Continue reading

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Getting started on my Raspberry Pi

Intro The Raspberry Pi computer is an awesome idea. Its performance is surprisingly good as well, as I will show below. Available packages? Not so impressive. I share some old X-windows tricks which will allow you to bring up the … Continue reading

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