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Google Hangouts Meet – what do these IPs all have in common?

2021 update

2020 update

Suspected additional IPs

And I observed the user agent “Google Hangouts” trying these IPs, but by the FQDN (whose resolution must by very dynamic) rather than raw IP:

Older IPs

They all have been used by Google’s Hangouts Meet based on my observation.
If you have an environment which uses proxy authentication, the above IPs do not play well with that. So you’ll need to disable proxy authentication for them for Hangouts Meet to work.

Otherwise you can do the initial connect but will be dropped after about 45 seconds.

Finally, although you can look up each individually and learn of its association to Google, Google’s own documentation is devoid of any references to them. That is unfortunate.

So the IPs in actual use is probably much larger, but these are what I’ve observed over the course of a few days of testing.

What I’ve done
Google is very hard to reach. They only provide indirect means for regular users. So not knowing any insiders I submitted feedback at which is what they suggest. I provided a detailed description. I doubt they will do anything with my feedback. We’ll see. Update. Correct. Months have passed and they never bothered to get back to me.

Google has an undocumented dependency on a whole set of IPs for hangout Meets to actually work through a proxy which requires authentication. Contacting Google for more information is probably impossible, but I will try.