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SiteScope keeps restarting

Intro I’m just documenting what the support tech had me do to fix this scary issue. The details This was a SiteScope v 11.24 instance running on a RHEL 6.6 VM. 2015-12-08 05:12:56,768 [SiteScope Main Thread] (SiteScopeSupport.java:721) ERROR – SiteScope … Continue reading

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Upgrading your JDBC driver for all you HP SiteScope fans

Intro HP SiteScope is a pretty good and not overly pricey infrastructure monitoring solution. We’ve used it for years. An unexpected Oracle error sent us scrambling to remember how the heck we installed an Oracle JDBC driver on HP SiteScope … Continue reading

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Things that went wrong during the HP SiteScope upgrade

Intro These are my notes of all the stupid things I did during my attempt to upgrade to HP SiteScope version 11.24 in response to a security problem in earlier releases. When you don’t do these things very often you … Continue reading

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DIY Home Power Monitoring Solution – Perfect for Sandy

Intro My recent experience losing power thanks to Sandy has gotten me thinking. How can I know when my power’s on? Or what if it gets shut off again, which by the way actually happened to me? I realized that … Continue reading

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The IT Detecive Agency: FTPs and other things going slow to one part of one location

Intro What happens when you have a slowly festering problem – slow but tolerable performance? Is it a problem when no one complains but you know the numbers don’t feel right? Read on to see what happens in this exciting … Continue reading

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Turning HP SiteScope into SiteScope Classic with Perl

Intro HP siteScope is a terrific web application tool and not too expensive for those who have any kind of a budget. The built-in monitor types are a bit limited, but since it allows calls to user-provided scripts your imagination … Continue reading

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