Useful Links – Technical Resources

From time-to-time I come across sites that really help out, and ones that true, might be found quickly in a Google search, but some offer capabilities you may not have even realized existed.

The links
So without further ado, here they are. They need some organizing yet!

– Geographic location finder for any IP address. There are zillions of them out there. Some are overly aggressive with advertizing so be wary. Here’s a really good one that shows your IP and perceived location without the ads:

Check your speed by downloading one of the large files from such as .

Reputation links
– Reputation information for any mail server. Just plug in the IP. Will also show what blacklists the server is on and the reputation of others servers on that segment. I think it’s run by Cisco.
– Reputation of any URL, sponsored by Bluecoat, makers of the free edition K9 Webfilter.

Webmaster links will show what your site looked like in the past, sometimes even years in the past., to see how unpopular your web site is
– Say you see a photo on a web site and you want to know if it was used elsewhere, or if the site cropped it

– Open source information and knowledgeable discussion.

– Good discussion of ongoing security matters, though too heavily weighted on Social networking. Articles daily with interesting reader comments.
– Web site malware checker. I’ve used it once. I guess it’s OK, but probably not nearly as thorough as commercial products. I guess it doesn’t look for vulnerabilities, just malware., a service for analyzing and detecting web-based malware

– most under-appreciated blog by an IT professional, networking concentration. Hey, I can toot my own horn!
– Screen-sharing application
– Ookla’s Down Detector gives the status of hundreds of major web sites.

Home User
– Best broadband speed test. It’s simple, but doesn’t shower you with aggressive ads.

– speedtest also looks good.

Prevent your neighbor’s WiFi SSIDs from being offered to you:

– Permanent HTTP site – will never be https: It can be hard to find a site that doesn’t run SSL these days so this can be useful, e.g., when you want to sign on to guest Wifi such as hotels offer.

Find an Android phone:

Computer and Linux Hobbyist
– Cheapest low-power Linux computer. At about $35 this looks really interesting for the hobbyist.

Towards a Responsible and Ethical Internet
– a search engine that doesn’t track! I just heard about this on Marketplace. Unfortunately it’s not as sophisticated as Google with type-aheads. I checked a few searches that should bring up some of my blog posts and – they did – so it must have some reach into obscure web sites

And another I’ve just learned about: