NJ homeowners: how to sell your SRECs from your solar panels

I was an enthusiast and got solar panels on my roof while there was still a tax credit for doing so. But then i became lazy and didn’t want to bother selling the SRECs I was awarded. Here is what I did.

The details
I got a recommendation from a friend who found a legitimate company who will buy my SRECs with a process so simple no registration is required! And, their prices seem competitive.

Here are the CEPS I’ve accumulated on the PJM-EIS web site. And no, I don’t really know how to use the site other than to report my generation. I just wasn’t that interested.

CEPS from Dr John’s home solar system

CEPS is a synonym for SRECs. SREC is a solar renewable energy credit. It’s a unit of measure = 1 Kilowatt Hour of generation by your system.

Here is the web site of the company I will sell them to:

And their instructions – clearly written for someone not overly familiar with using a computer as everything is spelled out:

NJSREC.COM instructions

I haven’t sold them yet because I will have another one by tomorrow so I’ll wait for that one and bundle them all together. They get credited to your account on the last day of the month. My friend uses them however so I know they are to be trusted. They will simple send you a check in the mail for your CEPS after you follow those simple instructions!

We recommend NJSREC.COM as the simplest way to sell your SRECs and know you are not being taken advantage of. As of this writing July 2018 a quantity of 4 – 10 CEPS is worth $201 per CEPS. The prices have been going down (mostly) and will continue to go down. So don’t hold on too long, i.e., years.

References and related

The GATS web site is
The buyer’s web site:

3 replies on “NJ homeowners: how to sell your SRECs from your solar panels” claims there are no additional fees taken out. Agreed, because they are paying you well below market prices. I can go to and get a a much higher sale price, pay the 2.50/contract commission and STILL come away with more money that offers you.

I’m looking to sell some now and as of last week NJSREC’s bulk pricing is better than FlettExchange’s Sell Now Price (after the 2.50 fee). Am I mising something or do we think the bulk pricing matters enough (it’s a few extra bucks which probably does make the difference)?

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