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Multiple Raspberry Pi photo frames


I have previously shared my work on displaying pictures in a nice slideshow from a Google Drive to an HDMI monitor. All these years later, it is still working and every day we see a new slideshow or randomly yet thoughtfully chosen pictures.

Building on this, today I extended this solution to display these pictures on a second monitor in a different room.

  • RPi 4 (what I happened to have around. RPi 3 would also be fine)
  • HDMI monitor
  • Raspberry Pi Lite OS
The details

I needed to install fbi (sudo apt-get install fbi).

I needed to copy over from the primary display, and for good measure black.jpg.

The general idea is to copy the pics over to the second display once per day.

I call this program

# copy pictures from primary source
rm -rf Pictures.old
mv Pictures{,.old}
sshpass -p raspberry scp -r [email protected]:mediashow .
sshpass -p raspberry scp -r [email protected]:Pictures .
./  $HOME/mediashow >> m4.log 2>&1

Yeah so I hard-coded the RPi password which is still set to the default. I’m willing to take the risk

Then in crontab I added this line:

# get yesterday's pictures!
1 5 * * * killall; ./ > copyslideshow.log 2>&1

Note that these displays are not synced. That would be a whole ordeal. In fact we thought it would be cool to display different pictures. So the second monitor will be showing yesterday’s slideshow from the main monitor.

Automating turn-on, turn-off of the HDMI display based on the ambient room light

Since this second slideshow is in a bedroom, I wanted to have it turn off when the lights were out, and turn back on again during daylight. This was a really interesting challenge for me as I got to use an inexpensive external sensor with my RPi. And I got it to work, and it works quite well if I say so myself. That’s all written up in this post.

Reference and related

I have written many variations on this same topic. I guess this is a good one.

How I automatically turn on the HDMI display in the morning and turn it off again at night.

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