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The latest on handling of SHA-1 certificates by the major browsers

Intro A certain organization is still using SHA-1 certificates internally, in spite of years of warnings, as I write this in February, 2017. But in the security world lack of action = eventual weakness. Ignorance is not bliss and putting … Continue reading

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Use Raspberry Pi to explore mDNS

Intro I am confounded by the Bonjour field on my d-Link DCS-931L IP webcam. I should be able to use it to se my desired hostname, but it doesn’t take. Why? The details Having a Raspberry Pi on the same … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on Universal Basic Income

Intro I think the time has come to do some large-scale experimentation with this idea for guaranteeing a basic income for all. We’ll need something as our jobs begin to get eliminated by robots, automation and AI! References and related … Continue reading

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Tips for creating a PayPal Donate button for not-not-for-profits

Intro I am treating my blog as a public service, so I thought it would be appropriate to have a Donation link even though I have not incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit. Is it even possible? Can I keep my … Continue reading

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Switch home router to DD-WRT: FAIL

Intro I am having problems with my home router, a Cisco E1200, especially with the wireless connections. I thought it might be interesting to try to run it using the open source routing code DD-WRT. Since I am a Linux … Continue reading

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Free DNS services

Intro I stumbled upon, which offers free DNS domain names. So I tested it and successfully registered .ml is Mali’s top level domain. I’ve heard it’s the only African country to open up its domains for free registration. … Continue reading

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What I’m working on now: saving $69 a year on my certificate costs

Intro I recently turned off my GoDaddy web site certificate and implemented one that cost me nothing. This will save me $69 per year. I wrote up my experience in this article: Idea for free web server certificates: Let’s Encrypt … Continue reading

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The IT Detective agency: the case of the incompatible sftp client

Intro I was asked for assistance with this sftp problem: $ sftp <user@host> DH_GEX group out of range: 1536 !< 1024 !< 8192 Couldn’t read packet: Connection reset by peer We actually spoke with the operator of the sftp server … Continue reading

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drjohnstechtalk now uses HTTP Strict Transport Security, HSTS

Intro I was reading about a kind of amazingly thorough exploit which could be done using a Raspberry Pi zero. Physical access is required, but the scope of what this guy has figured out and put together is really amazing. … Continue reading

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Consumer tech: How to safely add steps to your Fitbit

So my significant other realized after going to the park that she wasn’t wearing her Fitbit Alta. She’s a member of not one but two separate programs that provide certain incentives the more steps taken. So she wanted to add … Continue reading

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