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Raspberry Pi automates cable modem power cycling task

Intro I lose my Internet far too often – sometimes once a day. Of course I have lots of network gear in a rat’s nest of cables. I narrowed the problem down to the cable modem, which simply needs to … Continue reading

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Server Name Indication and what it means for those with only a single IP address

Intro Sometimes everything is there in place, ready to be used, but you just have to either mistakenly try it, or learn it works by reading about it, because it may be counter-intuitive. Such is the case with Server Name … Continue reading

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Relative time with the linux date command

The situation A server in Europe needs to transfer a log file which is written every hour from a server in the US. The filename format is 20171013-1039.log.gz And we want the transfer to be done every hour. How we … Continue reading

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Fail2ban fails to work, I built my own

Intro I’ve sung the praises of fail2ban as a modern way to shutdown those annoying probes of your cloud server. I recently got to work with a Redhat v 7.4 system, so much newer than my old CentOS 6 server. … Continue reading

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Eclipse pics: just me and my cheese grater

Intro I was at home during the great eclipse of August 2017. I didn’t buy the special viewing glasses. I remembered the general advice that anything with holes in it would show off the shape of the moon covering the … Continue reading

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Verifying a pkcs12 file with openssl

Intro The easy way How to examine a pkcs12 (pfx) file $ openssl pkcs12 ‐info ‐in file_name.pfx It will prompt you for the password a total of three times! The hard way I went through this whole exercise because I … Continue reading

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Your AWS Instance was scheduled for retirement? don’t panic

Intro After nearly four years of continuously running my AWS instance I got this scary email: What to do? The details Since I never dveloped much AWS expertise (never needed to since it just worked) I was afraid to do … Continue reading

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Getting your micro SD card ready to load Raspbian: easier than you thought

Intro Configuring your own micro SD card in order to install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi is not so hard. Some of the instructions out there are a bit dated and make it out to be harder than it really … Continue reading

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Compiling curl and openssl on Redhat Linux

Intro I have an ancient Redhat system which I’m not in a position to upgrade. I like to use curl to test web sites, but it’s getting to the point that my ancient version has no SSL versions in common … Continue reading

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Reverse upper and lower case letters

Intro I am a look-at-the-keyboard typist! I can’t count the number of times I’ve begun an email with CAPs lock on, and found a nice correspondence looking like this: hI aNDRES,   i RE-CREATED THE SCRIPT. … Tired of the … Continue reading

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