Amazon Fire Stick/Sony BRAVIA TV compatibility problem – one solution

There is a very long discussion of this topic on Sony BRAVIA models more than five years old may not work perfectly with Amazon’s Fire TV stick. I have this problem and I’ll mention my workaround.

The details
My Sony TV model is BRAVIA XBR 32XBR6. I suppose it’s about five years old. I also have it connected to a Sony Blueray player, which can also play Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. But it isn’t nearly as well designed as the Fire Stick and so I bought the Fire Stick, which has better WiFi support and a faster user interface.

Initially the Fire Stick appears to work with the TV and all is good.

Second day: same thing. All is good.

About the third usage, however, and when playing on-demand content I hear what I’m trying to play but I only see a blue screen with the letters HDCP. I think that indicates a digital copy protection mechanism has kicked in.

Powering down the Fire Stick doesn’t seem to work. Turning the TV off and on doesn’t seem to help.

In my case I had the option to switch to watch the same content through my Blueray player (which never displays this problem). Then next time I went back to the Fire Stick (usually days later) all was good.

So I became suspicious about cause and effect and I shortened the cycle.

Get the HDCP problem. Switch HDMI ports to the Blueray player (using the remote). Initiate the Amazon video service connection on the Player (but don’t bother to actually play anything). Switch back to the Fire Stick’s HDMI port. HDCP problem gone!

This solution was not too painful. I also have a Raspberry Pi connected to yet another HDMI TV port. I’ll see if switching to that will do the trick as well – that would be a cheap option that’s not too painful.

2017 update
I never get this HDCP problem any more. The main difference is that I never use my Sony Blueray player for on-demand programming. The Firestick is superior so I always use it. I only use the Blueray player for DVD playback.

A solution is offered to the dreaded DHCP problem for Amazon Fire Stick/Sony BRAVIA TV. More research needs to be done to reduce the solution to its essence.

Here’s the link to that lengthy discussion:

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15 Responses to Amazon Fire Stick/Sony BRAVIA TV compatibility problem – one solution

  1. Sherri Richard says:

    I got a sony fire stick from a friend out in the HDMI1 slot and new batteries in the remote ….nothing happens and nothing shows up on my TV screen.

  2. Sherri Richard says:

    My brand of TV is a Sony full HD 1800

  3. Gaynor says:

    Hi I have a Sony bravo 32V 4000 will the fire stick work with this tv?

  4. Carmen Villaman says:

    Will the amazon firestick work om my Sony Bravia KDL-32BX330?

  5. Ruth says:

    I’ve tried connecting my Amazon fire stick to my Sony Bravia KDL40W2000 in the HDMI connection. Nothing comes up. I think i may need to change the source input on the TV but can’t recall how. Can you help? Thank you.

  6. Dawn says:

    Can’t seem to figure out how to setup my firestick on my Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR2. HELP

    • john says:

      Here’s a tip. When you post on a general forum you’re more likely to get help if you present details. So what have you tried so far to get it to work?

      • Dawn says:

        Sorry first time. I plugged in Firestick then went to TV to open settings and it gives me no option to enter settings it keeps sending me into antenna area. Yeah no way load that way. I do have a Sony Entertainment box connect to my TV should that be disconnected first?
        I took pic of screen but can’t post it site won’t allow. Hope this helps. I appreciate all help. I’m soooo technically challenged

        • john says:

          You hit Home button on your Sony remote to go to your settings of your TV. Then navigate to the right, external source. You need to change your input source to the HDMI port the Firestick is plugged into. Mine is HDMI 4, for instance. You should be able to keep the entertainment box plugged in as well.

  7. kumar says:

    My TV is Sony bravia EX65. Does fire stick use for it?

  8. Tracey says:

    Hi plzzzz help will a kodi stick work on a Sony tv KDL 40S200 thank youuuu

  9. desiree smith says:

    have a sony KDL40V2500 TV. Have cable box hooked to hdmi 1 and connected the firebox to HDMI 2. Went to inputs under menu and does noto shpw up like cable box and dvd. Is there some trick to setting it up? I have disconnected dvd player.

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