Consumer Tech: Getting pictures off the Samsung Galaxy S7

This is simple enough, but I keep forgetting how to do it since I only do it every few months. And the options provided seem almost limitless. Still, this approach works best in my opinion.

The details
Plug USB cable from phone into PC.
You may see initial pop-up asking what you’d like to do. I would choose Import files.
Look in File Explorer for the phone. You’ll see when you expand it that there are no files beneath it.
Go to phone. Pull down the status bar by dragging from the top.
One of the notifications concerns what to do when the USB cable is plugged in. The default is charge. Change it to share files.
The phone does not remember this setting. You need to repeat this every time you plug it into a PC and want to transfer your pictures! At least that’s my experience.
Now you can expand the phone in File Explorer and find your pictures in a DCIM folder.

The old-fashioned way of using USB cable to transfer pictures is best. They’ve moved things around however so older advice is no longer applicable.

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