Future project idea: Interplanetary file system, IPFS

If I had more time and more energy, what I’d like is to explore the Interplanetary Filesystem, perhaps put up a server and create some objects. It seems right up my alley as I was an early adapter and put up one of the first web servers on the Internet. IPFS combines a lot of m interests: Linux (it extends the filesystem), web and computer science concepts.

But I don’t have spare time. Maybe later this year…

One year later
OK, I just heard on the Reveal podcast about an invidious use for IPFS. Although I was too busy before, now I’m simply loathe to embrace a technology that’s been embraced by the alt-right. Specifically, i have heard that Rob Monster has stored hate speech manifestos using IPFS and thereby using IPFS to create what is being called an alt-tech stack (their own web browser, social media sites, streaming video sites, etc, etc). It’s a shame.

References and related
Here’s the IPFS web site:
This lecture explains why we need this improved web technology and what it is:

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