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Live stream to YouTube from a Raspberry Pi + webcam

Intro I’ve been looking at this off and on for awhile now. I finally made a breakthrough this week and started to generate some decent live streams on my Youtube channel, after a lot of misfires. Note this is applicable … Continue reading

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How to add private root CAs in SLES or Redhat

Intro From time-to-time I run my own PKI infrastructure, namely issuing my own certificates form my private root CA. I wanted this root CA to be recognized by Linux utilities running on Suse Linux (SLES), in particular, lftp, which I … Continue reading

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Fishcam using Raspberry Pi and some network tricks

Intro There are more articles about running a webcam using Raspberry Pi than Carter has pills. Why bother to create another? This one is unique insofar as I created a fishcam at a school with a restricted network. None of … Continue reading

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Evaluation of WPI’s multiple camera coprocessor using Raspberry Pi

Intro There’s some good and some not-so-good about the new WPI-provided way to handle multiple video streams using a Raspebrry Pi. ELP Cameras problems I have bought many of these ELP cameras last year and this. I may be a … Continue reading

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Solution to this week’s NPR puzzle using simple Linux commands, again

Intro As I understood it, this week’s NPR puzzle is as follows. Think of a figure from the Bible with five letters. Move each letter three back, e.g., an “e” becomes a “b.” Find the Biblical figure which becomes an … Continue reading

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Linux tip: how to enable remote syslog on SLES

Intro I write this knowing I still don’t know anything to speak of about syslog, but, sometimes you gotta act without knowing. I needed to send syslog to somewhere in a big hurry so I figured out the absolute minimum … Continue reading

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Future project idea: Interplanetary file system, IPFS

Intro If I had more time and more energy, what I’d like is to explore the Interplanetary Filesystem, perhaps put up a server and create some objects. It seems right up my alley as I was an early adapter and … Continue reading

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The IT Detective Agency: the vanishing certificate error

Intro I was confronted with a web site certificate error. A user was reluctant – correctly – to proceed to an internal web site because he saw a message to the effect: I tried it myself with IE and got … Continue reading

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Whois information without the pushy hard sell tactics

Intro Did you ever want to learn about a domain registration but were put off by the hard sell tactics that basically all web-based whois searches subject you to? Me, too. Here’s what you can do. The details Linux – … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi as Retro Arcade Games emulator

Intro I am not going to attempt to provide a guide as there are much better guides out there than anything I can produce. In addition to the arcade function, we wanted to display a slidedeck when not being used … Continue reading

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