Dear Perl programmer, Here is a lifeline


If you fit a certain profile: been in IT for > 20 years, managed to crate a few utility scripts in Perl, ut never wrapped your head around the newer and flashier Python, this blog post is for you.

Conversely, if you have grown up with Python and find yourself stuck maintaining some obscure legacy Perl code, this post is also for you.

A friend of mine has written a conceptually cool program that converts Perl programs into Python which he calls a Pythonizer.

I’m sure it won’t do well with special Perl packages and such. In fact it is an alpha release I think. But perhaps for those scripts which use the basic built-in Perl functions and operations, it will do the job.

When I get a chance to try it myself I will give some more feedback here. I have a perfect example in mind, i.e., a self-contained little Perl script which ought to work if anything will.


Old Perl programs have been given new life by Pythonizer, which can convert Perl programs into Python.

References and related

Perl is not a dead language after all. Work continues on Perl 7, which will be known as v5.32. Should be ready next year:

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