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Counting active leases on an old ISC DHCP server

Intro Checkpoint Gaia offers a DHCP service, but it ias based on a crude and old dhcp daemon implementation frmo ISC. Doesn’t give you much. Mostly just the file /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases, which it constantly updates. A typical dhcp client entry looks … Continue reading

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Roll your own domain drop catching service using GoDaddy

Intro I’m after a particular domain and have been for years. But as a matter of pride I don’t want to overpay for it, so I don’t want to go through an auction. There are services that can help grab … Continue reading

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Solution to NPR puzzle: capitals and cities

Problem statement Take a US state capital. Drop a letter. Re-arrange the remaining letters to get the name of a US city. There are two answers. I know Wlll Shortz says he makes up problems that are not programmable, but … Continue reading

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Elegant code, poor results

Intro A colleague of mine is an awesome Perl programmer. It may be a dying language but for those of us who know it it can still do some great things in our hands. So this guy, let’s call him … Continue reading

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HTTP replay user-agent

Intro When debugging F5’s Web Application Firewall (AKA ASM) you get all the HTTP request headers in the GUI which you can cut and paste. Sometimes it is not so obvious how to fix a particular SupportID and you don’t … Continue reading

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Announcing a simple DNS web interface and code

Intro For demonstration purposes I’ve written a WEB interface to do DNS queries. This can be used for light querying. Once it gets abused I will pull it from the web site. Motivation Some large enterprises are behind not only … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi phone home

Intro In this article I described setting up my Raspberry Pi without ever connecting a monitor keyboard and mouse to it and how I got really good performance using an UHS SD card. This article represents my first real DIY … Continue reading

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Getting started on my Raspberry Pi

Intro The Raspberry Pi computer is an awesome idea. Its performance is surprisingly good as well, as I will show below. Available packages? Not so impressive. I share some old X-windows tricks which will allow you to bring up the … Continue reading

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A simple Perl script to build JavaScript folder objects

Part 2 Intro This is the 2nd part in a two-part blog where I present a simple example of a JavaScript folder browser. In Part 1 I provided all the JavaScript required. By itself it may have seemed an academic … Continue reading

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A Simple Javascript Folder Browser

Part 1 Intro I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been tied up creating this folder browser using client-side JavaScript. I probably made every mistake in the book, but I worked through them all and the outcome is pretty cool, if … Continue reading

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