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Linux Tip: too lazy to write a startup script? how to fake it

systemd can be pretty formidable to master. Say you have your own little script you like to run but you don’t want to bother with inserting it into the systemd facility. What can you do?

The details
A simple trick is to insert the startup of the script into a crontab like this:

@reboot <path-to-your-script>

For more details on how and why this works and some other crontab oddities try

$ man ‐s5 crcontab

An old Unix hand pointed this out to me recently. I am going to make a lot more use of it…

Of course niceties such as run levels, order of startup, etc are not really controllable (I guess). Or maybe it is the case that all your @reboot scripts are processed in order, top to bottom.

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