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Server Name Indication and what it means for those with only a single IP address

Intro Sometimes everything is there in place, ready to be used, but you just have to either mistakenly try it, or learn it works by reading about it, because it may be counter-intuitive. Such is the case with Server Name … Continue reading

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Your AWS Instance was scheduled for retirement? don’t panic

Intro After nearly four years of continuously running my AWS instance I got this scary email: What to do? The details Since I never dveloped much AWS expertise (never needed to since it just worked) I was afraid to do … Continue reading

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Free DNS services

Intro I stumbled upon, which offers free DNS domain names. So I tested it and successfully registered .ml is Mali’s top level domain. I’ve heard it’s the only African country to open up its domains for free registration. … Continue reading

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Scaling your apache to handle more requests

Intro I was running an apache instance very happily with mostly default options until the day came that I noticed it was taking seconds to serve a simple web page – one that it used to serve in 50 ms … Continue reading

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Compiling Apache 2.4 on CentOS

Intro This is a tale of one thing leading to another. I’ll probably either continue this post or delete it altogether if I find I’m headed down a wrong path. The details I suspect that to get better marks for … Continue reading

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running a second, third, …, instance of WordPress on your server

Intro Since I can host myself on my AWS server, why not a second blog, totally unrelated, for a friend? This has not been documented as well as I would have liked though it is very straightforward. So I’ll … Continue reading

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Hosting: You Really Can’t beat Amazon Web Services EC2

Intro You want to have your own server hosted by a service provider that’s going to take care of the hard stuff – uninterruptible power, fast pipe to the Internet, backups? That’s what I wanted. In addition I didn’t want … Continue reading

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