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Your AWS Instance was scheduled for retirement? don’t panic

Intro After nearly four years of continuously running my AWS instance I got this scary email: What to do? The details Since I never dveloped much AWS expertise (never needed to since it just worked) I was afraid to do … Continue reading

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Free DNS services

Intro I stumbled upon, which offers free DNS domain names. So I tested it and successfully registered .ml is Mali’s top level domain. I’ve heard it’s the only African country to open up its domains for free registration. … Continue reading

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Scaling your apache to handle more requests

Intro I was running an apache instance very happily with mostly default options until the day came that I noticed it was taking seconds to serve a simple web page – one that it used to serve in 50 ms … Continue reading

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Compiling Apache 2.4 on CentOS

Intro This is a tale of one thing leading to another. I’ll probably either continue this post or delete it altogether if I find I’m headed down a wrong path. The details I suspect that to get better marks for … Continue reading

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running a second, third, …, instance of WordPress on your server

Intro Since I can host myself on my AWS server, why not a second blog, totally unrelated, for a friend? This has not been documented as well as I would have liked though it is very straightforward. So I’ll … Continue reading

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Hosting: You Really Can’t beat Amazon Web Services EC2

Intro You want to have your own server hosted by a service provider that’s going to take care of the hard stuff – uninterruptible power, fast pipe to the Internet, backups? That’s what I wanted. In addition I didn’t want … Continue reading

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