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Verifying a pkcs12 file with openssl

Intro The easy way How to examine a pkcs12 (pfx) file $ openssl pkcs12 ‐info ‐in file_name.pfx It will prompt you for the password a total of three times! The hard way I went through this whole exercise because I … Continue reading

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Compiling curl and openssl on Redhat Linux

Intro I have an ancient Redhat system which I’m not in a position to upgrade. I like to use curl to test web sites, but it’s getting to the point that my ancient version has no SSL versions in common … Continue reading

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curl showing its age with SSL error

Intro I’ve used curl as a debugging tool for a long time. But time moves on and my testing system didn’t. So now for the first time I saw an error that is produced by this situation, and I will … Continue reading

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SSL Interception: troubleshooting

Intro SSl Interception is a reality at some larger companies. From a security perspective it is vital as it permits you to extend your AV scanning, botnet detection, 0-day, DLP, cloud security, etc to your https traffic which is normally … Continue reading

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drjohnstechtalk.com is now an encrypted web site

Intro I don’t overtly chase search engine rankings. I’m comfortable being the 2,000,000th most visited site on the Internet, or something like that according to alexa. But I still take pride in what I’m producing here. So when I read … Continue reading

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The IT Detective Agency: strange ssl error explained

Intro Fromm time-to-time I get an unusual ssl error when using curl to check one of my web sites. This post documents the error and how I recovered from it. The details I was bringing up a new web site … Continue reading

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My favorite openssl commands

Intro openssl is available on almost every operating system. It’s a great tool if you work with certificates regularly, or even occasionally. I want to document some of the commands I use most frequently. The details Convert PEM CERTs to … Continue reading

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The Basics of How to Work with Cipher Settings

December, 2014 Update With some tips for making your server POODLE-proof, and 2016 update to deal with OpenSSL Padding Oracle Vulnerability CVE-2016-2107 Intro We got audited. There’s always something they catch, right? But I actually appreciate the thoroughness of this … Continue reading

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