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The IT Detetecive Agency: the case of the unreliable FTP

Intro So one of my power users complains that his FTPs to a particular site fail frequently, but not always. I rolled up my sleeves and set to work. The thing I do best is find the essence of a … Continue reading

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Extended Passive Mode FTP through Checkpoint Firewall

Intro The vast majority of time there is no problem doing an FTP to a server behind a firewall protected by Checkpoint’s Firewall-1. But occasionally there is. The details The problem I am about to document I think will only … Continue reading

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Security Considerations for WordPress Plugins and Upgrades

The following comments apply to WordPress v 3.1.3 and may not apply to earlier versions, with which I have no familiarity. WordPress has an interesting idea for doing upgrades and downloading plugins. It took some getting used to until I … Continue reading

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