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Tips on using scapy for custom IP packets

Intro scapy is an IP packet customization tool that keeps coming up in my searches so I could no longer avoid it. I was unnecessarily intimidated because it was built around python and the documentation is a little strange. But … Continue reading

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The IT Detetecive Agency: the case of the unreliable FTP

Intro So one of my power users complains that his FTPs to a particular site fail frequently, but not always. I rolled up my sleeves and set to work. The thing I do best is find the essence of a … Continue reading

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Nmap: Swiss Army Knife of network utilities

Intro I just wanted to put in a plug for nmap. It’s a very useful tool for any network specialist. I show a use case that came up today. The details While cleaning up DNS entries I came across a … Continue reading

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