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Linux tip: how to enable remote syslog on SLES

Intro I write this knowing I still don’t know anything to speak of about syslog, but, sometimes you gotta act without knowing. I needed to send syslog to somewhere in a big hurry so I figured out the absolute minimum … Continue reading

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LDAP authentication on the F5 BigIP without Access Policy Manager

Intro I recently received revised guidelines for dmz best practices which mentioned a requirement to implement application-independent authentication using the F5 web application firewall. I had never heard of it and didn’t think it was possible without buying the very … Continue reading

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The IT Detective agency: Some insights into 4096-bit SSL keys

Intro I was recently asked if a new certificate a web site is about to deploy would require any changes to our clients such as needing to import this certificate into their Java keystore. The details Well, I saved the … Continue reading

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Whois information without the pushy hard sell tactics

Intro Did you ever want to learn about a domain registration but were put off by the hard sell tactics that basically all web-based whois searches subject you to? Me, too. Here’s what you can do. The details Linux – … Continue reading

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Measuring bandwidth on Checkpoint Gaia

Intro Sometimes you don’t have the tools you want but you have enough to make do. Such is the case with the command line utilities of the CLI of Checkpoint Gaia. It’s like a basic Linux. The company I consult … Continue reading

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Multiple IPs on the Raspberry Pi

Intro In my previous post I showed how to turn a Raspberry Pi plus USB camera into something like an IP camera. In the course of that work I found it wasn’t so easy as it was in the past … Continue reading

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WAN load-balancing routers

Intro I got an offer for $20/month broadband access from Centurylink. It got me to thinking, could I somehow use that as a backup connection to my current cable ISP? How would that work? Could I use a Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Obscure curl error explained – partially

Intro Are you, like me, vexed by this curl error: curl: (51) SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK ? More details I have many Linux systems from which to test. But I can only produce this … Continue reading

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SSL Interception: troubleshooting

Intro SSl Interception is a reality at some larger companies. From a security perspective it is vital as it permits you to extend your AV scanning, botnet detection, 0-day, DLP, cloud security, etc to your https traffic which is normally … Continue reading

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Bluecoat ProxySG and DNS using edns seem incompatible

Intro Imagine your DNS server had this behaviour when queried using dig: $ dig @ ; <<>> DiG 9.9.2-P2 <<>> @ ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: FORMERR, id: 48905 ;; flags: … Continue reading

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