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Quick Tip: Why Windows traceroute works better than Linux

Intro We noticed when debugging with the always useful tool traceroute (tracert on Windows systems) that we got more responsive results from Windows than from a Linux server on the same or nearby network. Finally I decided to look into … Continue reading

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Spin up your own VPN with OpenVPN

Intro I recently visited a foreign country where I was unable to watch an Amazon Prime Original show because of my location. Annoyed, I decided then and there to investigate OpenVPN. I am an ideal candidate – I already run … Continue reading

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The IT Detective Agency: Cisco Jabber stopped working for some using WAN connections

Intro This is probably the hardest case I’ve ever encountered. It’s so complicated many people needed to get involved to contribute to the solution. Initial symptoms It’s not easy to describe the problem while providing appropriate obfuscation. Over the course … Continue reading

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Ethernet Bridging on the cheap. Fail. Then Success with OLTV

Intro Some experiments just don’t work out. I became curious about a technology that has various names: ethernet bridging, wide-area VLANs, OTV, L2TP, etc. It looked like it could be done on the cheap, but that didn’t pan out for … Continue reading

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C++ TCP Socket Program

Intro I was looking around for a sample TCP socket program written in C++ that might make working with TCP sockets less mysterious. I expected to find a flood of things to pick from, but that really wasn’t the case. … Continue reading

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