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curl showing its age with SSL error

Intro I’ve used curl as a debugging tool for a long time. But time moves on and my testing system didn’t. So now for the first time I saw an error that is produced by this situation, and I will … Continue reading

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Obscure curl error explained – partially

Intro Are you, like me, vexed by this curl error: curl: (51) SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK ? More details I have many Linux systems from which to test. But I can only produce this … Continue reading

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Roll your own domain drop catching service using GoDaddy

Intro I’m after a particular domain and have been for years. But as a matter of pride I don’t want to overpay for it, so I don’t want to go through an auction. There are services that can help grab … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer can’t access https page – maybe a client CERT is needed?

Intro I don’t see such issues often, but today two came to my attention. Both are quasi-government sites. Here’s an example of what you see when testing with your browser if it’s Internet Explorer: The details Just for the fun … Continue reading

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The IT Detective Agency: strange ssl error explained

Intro Fromm time-to-time I get an unusual ssl error when using curl to check one of my web sites. This post documents the error and how I recovered from it. The details I was bringing up a new web site … Continue reading

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Apache Tips in Light of Security Problems

Intro I am far from an expert in Apache. But I have a good knowledge of general best practices which I apply when running Apache web server. None of my tips are particularly insightful – they all can be found … Continue reading

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Virtual Server not Working in F5 BigIP

OK. This posting is only directly applicable to the small number of people who run BigIP load balancers. And of that set, only a certaIn subset will likely ever have this situation. Nevertheless, it’s useful to document it. There are … Continue reading

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