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The IT Detective Agency: last letter of attachment name is missing!

Intro Today we bring you an IT whodunit thriller. A user using Lotus Notes informs his local IT that a process that emails SQL reports to him and a few others has suddenly stopped working correctly. The reports either contain … Continue reading

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Help with the NPR Weekend Puzzle – and Learning Python

Intro As I mentioned in my review of Amazon’s Web Services Summit, Python seems to be the vogue scripting language these days. I decided I had better dust off the brain cells and try it out. I am an old … Continue reading

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For Experimentalists: How to Test if your Web Server has a long timeout

Intro I use the old Sun Java System Web Server, now known as the Oracle Web Server, formerly Sun ONE web server and before that iPlanet Web Server and before that Netscape Enterprise Server. The question came up the other … Continue reading

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Turning HP SiteScope into SiteScope Classic with Perl

Intro HP siteScope is a terrific web application tool and not too expensive for those who have any kind of a budget. The built-in monitor types are a bit limited, but since it allows calls to user-provided scripts your imagination … Continue reading

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Making Function Plots fun using Ajax while solving a real-world problem

Intro I learned an awful lot from this exercise. I wanted to plot the trajectory of a foam basketball through the air. You know the kind of thing where you can vary the initial conditions to see what differences the … Continue reading

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Words with Friends Gentle Word Hints

Intro My friend and I are in a perpetual game of Words With Friends on our smartphones these days. It suits me to a T because I like to take a looong time to come up with just the right … Continue reading

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