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Latest spear phishing: your password plus extortion

Intro Three users that I know at a certain company have all received spear phishing emails worded very much like this one: The details I don’t really have many more details. One user described it to me as follows. He … Continue reading

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The latest trend – Google search engine spam

Intro I’ve been seeing an uptick in brief spams which provide links to a very legitimate site: the Google search engine! The details I’ve been getting a lot – several per day – that look like this one: From: … Continue reading

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What if someone approaches you offering a domain?

Intro As a domain owner you will sooner or later get an unsolicited email like the following one I received March 28th: Hello,   We are promoting the sale of the domain name that is being returned back to … Continue reading

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Spam and Scams – What to Expect When You Start a Blog

In my case – not much! It appears that despite providing top-notch content the only “readers” are those trying to profit from me. To use the word “scam” may be a bit strong, but any outfit that demands money upfront … Continue reading

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