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Latest spear phishing: your password plus extortion

Intro Three users that I know at a certain company have all received spear phishing emails worded very much like this one: The details I don’t really have many more details. One user described it to me as follows. He … Continue reading

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Gmail: not as much a white-glove service as you thought

Intro I have a pretty high regard for Google and their Gmail email service. They really seem to strive to keep its reputation sterling. But lately a persistent spam has been coming in to me from one of their users … Continue reading

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enom is the source of recent spam campaigns

Intro I’m still watching over spam. The latest trend are spam campaigns which have a few characteristics in common perhaps the most interesting of which is that the domains have all been registered at The details Some other things … Continue reading

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How to Stop Chinese Spam – for Mail Admins, w/ June 2014 update

(Updated 12/19/2011 and 6/2014 with additional character sets) (updated 9/2012 with additional signature) Intro I have been a target for random Chinese language spam in my various email accounts, but the problem has really gotten worse in the past few … Continue reading

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