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F5 BigIP irule: serving a dynamic proxy PAC file

Intro A large organization needed to have considerable flexibility in serving out its proxy PAC file to web browsers. The legacy approach – perl script on web servers – was replaced by a TCL script I developed which runs on … Continue reading

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iRule script examples

Intro F5’s BigIP load balancers have an API accessible via iRules which are written in their bastardized version of the TCL language. I wanted to map all incoming source IPs to a unique source IP belonging to the load balancer … Continue reading

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The Basics of How to Work with Cipher Settings

December, 2014 Update With some tips for making your server POODLE-proof, and 2016 update to deal with OpenSSL Padding Oracle Vulnerability CVE-2016-2107 Intro We got audited. There’s always something they catch, right? But I actually appreciate the thoroughness of this … Continue reading

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