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Trying to upgrade WordPress brings a thicket of problems

Intro Wordpress tells me to upgrade to version 5.4. But when I try it says nope, your version of php is too old. Now admittedly, I’m running on an ancient CentOS server, now at version 6.10, which I set up … Continue reading

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Roll your own dynamic DNS update service

Intro I know my old Cisco router only has built-in support for two dynamic DNS services, dyndns.org and TZO.com. Nowadays you have to pay for those, if even they work (the web site domain names seem to have changed, but … Continue reading

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Getting beyond WordPress’ 2 MB limit

Intro It’s a simple but frustrating thing, right, this hard, antediluvial 2 MB limit that WordPress imposes on media files? My setup If you read any of my other posts you will see I am master and commander of my … Continue reading

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How to create a Progressive Scrolling Web Gallery

Intro I know, I know, there are thousands of ways to display your pictures on the web. I did a 60 second search and settled on one approach that looked interesting to me. Then I quickly ran into some limits … Continue reading

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Setting a Background Color Based on User Choice Using PHP and Cookies

This simple example hopefully shows what you can do with cookies as well as some simple PHP.  Click Here to check out this example.

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